CoinCasso. An investment in the purchase of cryptocurrency shares. „Dividend” thanks to having CCX tokens.

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How much does 1 CCX token cost (participation in the CoinCasso exchange)?

In the chart below you will see the sales price of the CCX token from March to December 2019.

The price of 1 CCX token increases by 2 cents each day ($ 0.02) and in December 2019. will reach $ 10.00 per piece. At this stage, the sale of shares will end completely. The company will no longer sell new tokens. This is recorded in CoinCasso WhitePaper.

At the end of 2018, I bought CCX tokens at a price of about $ 1.50 per unit. Today, when I write this text, the price of CCX is $ 2.92 and in two hours it will change to $ 2.94

ccx chart
CoinCasso. CCX token price from March to December 2019
CCX price
The sales price of the CCX token increases by $ 0.02 each day to reach $ 10.00 in December 2019

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President of Poland Andrzej Duda and founder of the CoinCasso exchange, Łukasz Ozimski. World economic congress Davos 2019.

Davos World Economic Forum 2019
Creator of the CoinCasso exchange with the President of Poland Andrzej Duda

The CCX token price increases by 2 cents each day.

Share price (CCX token) in the CoinCasso cryptocurrency exchange on March 12, 2019.

In March 2019 for the same amount of money you can buy up to 3 times more „shares” in the CoinCasso cryptocurrency market, than in December 2019. when the sale of shares (CCX tokens) will end.

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Do you know how much cryptocurrency exchanges earn?

GET PAID while others TRADE

If you are interested in the cryptocurrency market, you probably know what commission you pay for each BitCoin transaction and sale or any other electronic currency.

The profits of cryptocurrency exchanges are counted in millions and tens of millions of dollars a month!

Of course, if the assumption, development and running of a cryptocurrency exchange was so simple, I would have set one up myself. Unfortunately, running this business requires years of experience in programming, financial analysis and business management. We need a team of dozens of ripped people on a minimum of 2-3 continents.

Owners of the CoinCasso exchange and projects related to it, gave us the opportunity to invest our own funds in its creation and development.

The company has issued 100,000,000 (100 million) token based on Ethereum, 80 million of which (80%) was intended for investors like me and you.

In the first phase, tokens („shares” in the CoinCasso project) can be purchased only by individual investors, and only later institutional investors and large investment funds will be allowed to invest.

Kup udziały w giełdzie kryptowalut CoinCasso. Damian Żukiewicz

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How much can I earn from investing in the cryptocurrency exchange?

As you know, each investment involves risks, but also with a huge profit. It all depends on how many customers will be able to attract the CoinCasso exchange for the coming months and years.

According to cautious assumptions, each individual investor can achieve monthly passive income (being part of the company’s profits) at the level of $300 to $30,000

The amount from $300 to about $30,000 profit per month, depends on the shares that the investor has and, of course, on the profits that the stock will reach on a given month.

It is simply because there are only 5 options to choose from. Decide for one of the following.

Be Your Own Boss. Kenya 9/2018

The current price of 1 CCX token is $3.50. This price will go up, to $10.00 per 1 CCX on the end of the sale (December 2019).

Option 1) Buy 1,000 CCX tokens and earn about $300 a month

Option 2) Buy 5,000 CCX tokens and earn about $1.500 a month

Option 3) Buy 10,000 CCX tokens and earn about $3.000 a month

Option 4) Buy 25,000 CCX tokens and earn about $7.500 a month

Option 5) Buy 100,000 CCX tokens and earn about $30.000 a month

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Which package to choose?

Experienced investors usually choose a package of 10,000 CCX (the current cost of purchase is $35.000), which gives us the prospect of monthly earnings of $3,000

How much Can I earn?

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Why the CoinCasso exchange?

Damian Żukiewicz kryptowaluty
Become a shareholder of the cryptocurrency market

Our exchange will have the lowest commissions for sellers and buyers of cryptocurrencies, thanks to which it should very quickly enter the TOP 50 cryptocurrency exchanges in the world with the highest turnover on the market, which will give us a very large share of the company’s profit.

To receive monthly shares in the company’s profits, you must have CCX tokens. Of course, you can get out of the investment at any time by selling your tokens on the stock market.

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My investment strategy

CoinCasso. Damian Zukiewicz

In the first sales phase (pre-sale) I bought more than 130,000 units (one hundred and thirty thousand) CCX token (the highest possible package for individual investors), paying for $0.50 – $1.00 for 1 CCX token.

My initial investment was around $100,000. I am the type of investor who loves passive income and buying shares in the project, I have no intention of selling them, even if the price for 1 CCX token reaches $10 or more.

I’m buying CCX tokens almost every day, and on the day of writing this text (April 21, 2019) I have over 182.000 CCX tokens (worth almost $0.7 million)

Thanks to this amount of shares, I will be able to receive shares in the profits of the stock exchange in the amount I estimate at around $ 30,000 per month!

I will use only and exclusively the profits that the company will share with me every month, which will allow me to fulfill my dreams, that is, travel around the world without doing any work!

Damian Zukiewicz CCX shares
My CCX tokens (21 April 2019)
CCX token Zukiewicz
CoinCasso back office screenshot

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More about CoinCasso

Inwestycja w giełdę kryptowalut
Luke Ozimski – CEO

The whole project is created by our colleagues from Poland with an outstanding programmer Luke Ozimski.

The company is registered in Lithuania and has permission from the Financial Supervision Authority to trade cryptocurrencies and exchange them in BitCoin ATM’s throughout the European Union.

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