Cloud Token Business update after Bangkok event 12 may 2019

Please watch our business update by Mateusz Guzda and Paul McCarthy

Cloud Token. Bangkok event

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Cloud Token application

Read more and watch Cloud Token full presentation

Invest in new technologies projects. Expected PROFIT approximately 10% per month

Cloud token is a smartphone application in which you can store cryptocurrencies and invest in projects related to artificial intelligence, e.g. JARVIS AI

Passive income: about 10% per month

Current token price: $ 0.30 (may 2019)

After sending BitCoin or another cryptocurrency to the Cloud Token application, select the project and invest in it to receive about 10% per month.

You can invest any amount in the project (eg the equivalent of $50, $500 or $10,000) in several cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, Doge and others.

Read more and watch Cloud Token full presentation

Before making any investment decision on the Internet, read the rules and terms and conditions described at

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