Damian Zukiewicz interview
FutureNet convention. Cracow 2017

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How I started?

I started my first business in 1999, right after college graduation and 12 months of military service. From 2000 to 2007 I was real estate agent. I worked for FINANS company and had my own real estate agency.

In 2007 I started to work only on the internet. With my first business partner Mariusz Pelczarski (second from right on the picture below) we create #B3TEAM – the group of people who want to be financially free.

We started to help people in Poland to make their additional cash income, of course it was 100% online money, made by our team mates after working hours.

By the end of 2018 our team (B3TEAM) has over 60,000 people around the world.

In addition to making money online, I also buy real estate for rent. So far I have bought over 10 apartments for rent in Poland, which gives me enough income to stop working at any time.

Mariusz Pelczarski
Heading to Tokyo, Japan.

How much have I have earned online?

From 2007 to 2019 I’ve made online more than 18 million PLN = $4.8 million

Annual tax return. $1 million in 2018.

Damian Zukiewicz earnings
Online revenues for 2018. Annual tax return. InvestProvider – Damian Zukiewicz

On the picture above You can see my annual tax return. I am a Polish citizen, so I settle my taxes in PLN (polish zloty). 1 PLN = $0,26.

In 2018 I have earned more than 3,5 million PLN (3.536.951,36 PLN) and it is equal to almost $1 milion ($928.756)

2018 was a good year in my business

In 2018 I bought a vacation house in Arizona (USA) and brand new Dodge RAM 1500 (Longhorn edition) for the money I’ve earned online.

Our vacation home in Arizona, USA
Kate Zukiewicz. Arizona 2018
Damian Kate Zukiewicz Arizona
Arizona, USA. Vacation home bought for money earned online.
Damian Zukiewicz Arizona
Arizona, USA
RAM 1500, 5.7 HEMI, LongHorn edition. Me and my wife Kate Zukiewicz. 2018
RAM 1500 LongHorn
D7 USA – American car in Poland. My wife Kate Zukiewicz

I have visited more than 40 countries working on the internet

If You work on Your smartphone or laptop You can travel wherever You want. You don’t have to spend Your time in the office. You can work everywhere.

Me and my wife Kate. Dubai, United Arab Emirates 2017
Mauritius 2018
Dominican Republic. B3TEAM. 2017
Dominican Republic. 2017
B3TEAM. Mauritius 2018
Making video „Nie jesteś sam” with B3TEAM. Fuerteventura, Canary Islands 2018
Kate Zukiewicz. B3TEAM. Dominican Republic 2017

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