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Damian Zukiewicz. Dubai. United Arab Emirates. 4/2019

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Investment risk

Running a business, earning, investing and multiplying money (investments in real estate, stock exchange, currency exchanges, cryptocurrency, startups, revenue-sharing businesses, forex, bank deposits, investment funds and any other type of investment) involve risk loss of part or all of the capital invested.

Do not invest your own money, the loss of which would cause a drastic deterioration of your home budget, change in living standards or financial problems. Decisions on making any investment are made by yourself.

Financial education is most important for You

My mentor, Robert Kiyosaki. I have read all of his books since 2001 and use his principles every day to educate people from around the world.

I am Damian Żukiewicz, I run several international businesses in the real estate industry, new technologies, start-ups, and marketing and advertising. I actively invest in rental properties, gold, silver and digital currencies, and indirectly (as a shareholder) in cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency exchanges.

I do not invest and strongly advise against all citizens, investing and speculating (trading) on ​​forex exchanges, stock exchanges, commodities and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Before you invest your money, read Robert Kiyosaki’s book from the series „Rich Dad, Poor Dad” a few times. After reading and understanding, you can slowly begin the way to achieve passive income from your investments, and then enjoy your financial freedom.

Warning about the risks associated with participating in trading in cryptocurrencies

Trading in goods, regardless of whether they are real or virtual goods, as well as the trading of cryptocurrencies and tokens (which are Bitcoin, EOS, BHEC, Zcash, Ripple, Ethereum, FuturoCoin, ClubCoin, CCX, Litecoin and thousands of others) carries a considerable risk.

The prices of goods, regardless of their nature or substance, are not permanent and are subject to constant changes. Price fluctuations in turn directly affect the value of assets held by the unit over time. Any good – virtual or not – in a given period can both gain value and become completely worthless. The same principles apply to virtual currencies – so-called cryptocurrency.

Trading in cryptocurrencies, however, brings with it one more risk, which in principle does not occur in the case of official currencies and commodities trading. In contrast to most currencies, whose value is moderated by the government or other legal entities, or finds its support in raw materials, the value of cryptocurrencies is based on the development of technology and trust in the market and its participants. Cryptocurrencies do not have a centralised issuer or an institution controlling its turnover. The value of cryptocurrency units is determined solely by free market demand and supply mechanisms in exchange services, such as service. Cryptocurrency is not an autonomous benefit, nor does it meet any needs in itself. Its only function is the role of a payment instrument or money exchange medium, which the holder can: exchange for a good or service in a store that accepts payments in cryptocurrencies, transfer it electronically to another person, store it and exchange it in the future for profit (or loss) resulting from exchange differences.

Due to the basic functioning of the cryptocurrency trading system, it is susceptible to fluctuations in the level of confidence of trading participants, which directly affects the level of demand or supply. The level of confidence in cryptocurrencies may be influenced by both purely economic and non-economic factors, including technological ones.

Bearing in mind the above, please think carefully about whether the existing level of risk associated with the trading of cryptocurrencies is acceptable to you.

At the same time, in order to avoid any doubts, we hereby inform that the use of our service from the banking system is limited only to the need to make deposits and withdrawals of funds necessary for the purchase or sale of cryptocurrencies through our Website. Cryptocurrencies themselves are not traded on the banking market.